Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Calculator Creation

After reading Chapter 4 in Gleick's book I couldn't help but keep thinking about how the calculator was created. He went into great detail to actually explain how Babbage went on to create mechanical devices that eventually turned into what we all use today, the digital calculator. As I was reading this chapter I realized how difficult it must have been to develop a project such as Babbage's Wheel-Work. They had nothing back then, now a days I can literally make a virtual calculator by using a step by step tutorial from YouTube. Though I'm not going to lie, living in today's world as a spoiled brat with technology is pretty awesome. I can't dream of a day I don't use a computer or electronic device anymore.

I attached a video that came to mind while I was reading this chapter. It's a short clip from Stan Lee's Superhumans show, that I think got canceled but I loved it. Here's the Human Calculator clip:


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