Sunday, October 28, 2012


The Magic book was the big topic in chapter 4 I found the magic book to be ok, but I think the story was the comparison to remediation, which is the making of new media forms out of older ones. As we go on with all this new technology you start to really see the effects that old technology has on the new ones. Some ideas of old technology is not what you think they are when new technology comes out.

New media is almost like the fashion world because in the fashion world you always see old styles come back with some type of new twist and some type of change that makes it better for the era its in. I think that media is the same way. When you look at new media it usually if some form of old media that has a twist on it that makes it different and new. Media is always evolving and mostly from something older. The book also talks about new media reinventing old media. I think this is true to a point. Im not sure if new media reinvents old I think that it uses other mediums to excel as a whole rather than reinventing them.

Chapter 5 talks a lot about rules and how hard it is for websites to follow a particular set of rules. It makes a case that you cant manage rules for webpage’s because the audiences for most webpage’s are so different. The book talks about watches as a wearable form of media and I agree but I think there will be awhile before wearable forms of media become a huge success. People will start to see the world like in a movie with all the gadgets that are in movies.

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