Thursday, October 4, 2012

chapters 1,2,3

The first three chapters of Gleick is very informative. Its very interesting but it really took awhile for him to get his point across. The attention to detail is good because the more information that is given the better the understanding but it also makes it a tough read because of the detail that’s in it. “Drums that talk” from my view point of what Gleick is saying that the drums translate into phrases there not signals or warnings. I figure that it will be the opposite that the drums would be signals as to who or what was going on.

When I was little I was in love with Chinese symbols but I never new the history and what they really meant I just thought they were cool looking. Chapter 2 gave good understanding as to what they meant. I never knew the symbols stood for different things that meant other words or phrases. Chinese writing is like breaking a code as appose to English where everything means what it says. Its fun when you think of Chinese writing because you can hide a message in plain site lol.

The reading of the first three chapters was very informative. I really don’t agree with the detail but the information is intriguing. I also like the way he broke down our language and its funny how our language really just appeared. Today we still generate words that have meaning and people use these words a lot. They have meaning because of the amount of people that use them. I liked the information in the first three chapters and I’m looking forward to the next three. 

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