Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Windows and Mirrors 4-6 VR vs AR

Never has it been more clear about the ways in which virtual reality differs from augmented reality then in the chapters 4-6 of Windows and Mirrors.  Computers are now fulfilling roles in our society like never before and the push to use these tools comes as no surprise in our current days use of these systems.  The enhancement of augmented reality is seen ever more clearly in the ways we use computer goggles in defense systems, to add and fill in information that we see in and around our environment.  I found it fascinating to learn the difference's in the way we use virtual reality and augmented reality as a way to simulate a completely new terrain for ourselves versus's a way to use computers as an enhancement of our current environment.  

Windows and Mirrors continues to explore the ways we see things differently using computers and makes it clear that the computer has helped enhance a newer experience of viewing the world through a mirrored and windows based world.  The extensions of man's mind through the computer is never more prevalent than through the examples that the authors use and demonstrate in a more media savvy world.  The computer is still evolving as an extension of our minds eye allowing us to see things differently while enhancing our electronic experience.

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