Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mirrors 4-6

I'm proud to say this book just keeps getting more interesting as I go along reading it. Chapter 4 described the first virtual reality story book called the magic book. This was quite impressive and I never thought they actually developed one of those back then. It reminded me of the new 3DS AR card games. The cards work very similar to how the book created a virtual reality for the readers. Though with our new technology we actually don't need to where the ridiculous glasses. The AR cards bring to life a virtual image and some create an interactive video game bringing villains into your world through the built in camera. When reading this chapter, it was all I kept thinking about, because the interactive experience on the 3DS wasn't 100% original it was actually a remediation of the magic book. 

These chapters also went to describe how new technology has enabled people to enter virtual realties through the creation of the web. The Fake Shop was a great example of connecting to multiple cameras and viewing everything on one screen, kind of reminded me of a virtual security room. The T-garden was difficult to imagine with the description given so after a while of researching for a video, I found this: 
This is extremely bizarre but it appears to track human interaction very well. These chapters show several examples to how people are trying to develop programs that bring us into a virtual reality. It also describes two imaginative experiences from Hans Moravec and John Perry Barlow, that pretty much state a world where technology over comes our bodies and daily lives. Perhaps that is what we are headed towards in the near future, though I don't believe it'll happen in my life time. 

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  1. Kiefer, I would agree that this book is so much more interesting than the last. Unlike you, I think the magic book concept is kind of weird. The process is so overwhelming, I feel like my head would hurt afterwards.