Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Perils of Remediation Chapters 4-6

Could some of our instructors be REMEDIATE?


Something we should all be aware of in the making of new technology is what Bolter and Gromola refer to as REMEDIATION....the making of new media using forms from or out of older  technology or older more acceptable forms of systems that have already been put into place.  Not to sound rebellious and like anarchist but we all must understand that one of the perils of forming new technological systems is that they're based on older practices and technology that may have become outdated or no longer current.  The necessary systems that we use in all of our internet technology fall under particular patterns and process's that have been put into place for many years.  Understanding these new forms of systems is essential and necessary in order to keep the correct flow and constant necessary for ever emerging new technologies.  However they bring along perils that we must all be aware of.  Conforming to what has been laid down as current systems from past generations means that we can only expand on what has already been accomplished and done versus being original and artistic in creating new systems that don't necessarily have to be based on the past.  Are we destined to be a society based on what was established and practiced years ago before the internet was open to the public or are we and will we be given the chance to create new ideas based on practices that we have learned before the internet allowed us to sign on?  These are questions that Gromola and Bolter bring into question in the upcoming chapters.  It is important to remember that creativity sometimes emerges from the most unusual places and in order for us to establish new methods we might sometimes have to use unconventional practices to get to our final stop or destination.  REMEDIATION doesn't allow us to do that and so much of the media masters that we've learned about in past classes have been conventional theorists that have worked hard to learn about the past in HOPES that we don't repeat the same mistakes.  Let's hope that the internet will continue to be a mecca of creative artisans unafraid to explore and dive into new forms of expression that over the years have been categorized by so many old school theorists as radical and unconventional.  New expression needs new ideas.  Let's all not be afraid of what a new idea could lend to a system that might have become archaic over the course of time.

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