Sunday, October 21, 2012

Windows and Mirrors Ch.1-3

A much easier book to understand than the Information.  It is very interesting to see how the author's express their views and believes of how a computer reflects who we are and how we see things.  I tend not to agree with the author because the computer is only as smart as the human controlling each aspect of it.  Computers are no where close to being as smart as the human being.  They are so dumb that they can only understand ones and zeros.

However I do agree with the fact that a computer can be a mirror of the person using it.  It has to be this way because the human is the person manipulating the computer.  This may be because we are making the computer screen be this way as a way to make it resemble what we are.  The other piece that resembles a mirror is the "Nosce Te Ipsum".  In order for the viewer to see the changes he or she must get closer to see the discovery.

The other clever item was the wooden mirror.  What an ingenious idea this was to make visitors think that the wooden mirrors were actually moving.  This was a very clever idea that only human beings could have been capable of creating.  Very much an example of how a computer can be manipulated enough to make humans believe what the creator has in mind.

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