Monday, November 5, 2012

-Final Chapters-Bolter and Gromola--A Reiteration of the Experience and Remediation

Once again in the final chapters of Bolter and Gromola there is a reiteration of the digial art experience that we are witnessing while it emerges from remediation and the existence of other technologies that have influenced the computer to evolve up until this point.  Through the various examples of digital art that are mentioned we are reminded once again that the computer and it's windows and mirrors must offer us up some kind of experience that we go through while integrating with it.  The evolution of the computer through other past technologies we refer to as remediation has once again shown that the machines of the future will continue to evolve in such a way that we are able to extend all of our senses through it allowing us to reshape and create new ways to harness computers in ways we could never imagine.  The concluding chapters emphasize the need for complete transparency when creating applications making it clear to all of the technophytes of the future that new ideas must be easy to understand while providing us with an experience that is second to none.  We are reminded of how the computer has certainly provided us with all of the transparent extensions of man through a new electronic medium that heightens all of our senses and helps us extend our minds into areas that are innovative and new in ways we view text and images.  Let's just all hope that a hurricane like Sandy won't interfere with our ability to grow as it reminds us how dependent we will continue to be not just on fossil fuels but on electricity itself.  Ben Franklin would be proud.


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