Sunday, November 25, 2012

Further Readings by Strate-Virtual Reality Continued

Although much of what we have been reading about on VR is positive I'm touched by the way some of the VR chapters warn us about the ways this newer technology allows so many of us to simulate and experience very violent scenarios.  We have the threat of becoming even more desensitized unable to differeniate between what is real and what is simulated.  Some of the chapters warn of many ways we will be experiencing violent experiences including murder, rape and chaos.  It will be even more important to set aside some type of quiet time to allow us to cool down and not get so immersed in a virtual experience.  This new technology could be more of a precursor to how we desensitize our entire human experience and interpersonal relationships with others in our society.  Gone might be the simpler ways to experience mass communications through radio, television and film.  VR and HD tends to try and replicate film instead of trying to achieve new ground breaking reality that this new technology offers.  It's up to us to look at this new form of technology the same way we attempt to try and find multiple sources for obtaining our information via newspapers.  Don't rely on one form or one newspaper to get your information.  Work at trying to find multiple sources...multiple technologies to experience the world.  It is up to us all to be well educated in the many forms of information and new technology sources that are out there.  We must not become reliant on one form, one source.  This takes alot of work and the true believers of a well rounded society will find the time to work at it...Not becoming lazy and immersed in just one source, just one technology.  Know your choices and work hard to continuously educate yourself on all the avenues that are out there to live and learn by....We must in order to stay vibrant and well informed....The efforts lie in our own ways we seek out new information and new technology.  We must not let one source, one algorythm prevail.  It's all about choices.    JFN

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