Sunday, November 25, 2012

Windows & Mirrors chapters 7-9

I must say  Bolter and Gromala's Windows & Mirrors opened my eyes to a new world. I didn't previously know much information about digital art, remediation context etc. I was just a simple user enjoying my time on my computer with out realizing the complex evolutions it's been through to become the "tool" I use today. My computer is the source for most of the information I receive. If I have any questions or I need to do some kind of research I look to my computer for all of the answers. we learned that this digital medium provides us with an experience like no other.

The final chapters speak heavily about digital design and interactive technologies etc. It really reminded me how far we have come. We have interactive video games like the wii and the connect which is motion sensitive and the user is allowed to play the game using their bodies. We also now have 3D television and I'm sure pretty soon our computers will have some sort of 3D visuals as well. Its exciting thinking about all of the possibilities for our technological future but also frightening as well. Will we rely to much on technologies for our day to day lives? I already feel a slight addiction to my smart phone and can't get through dinner with a friend without checking emails or text messages. The type writer has been extinct and now with hypertext will a tangible book be out the door as well? will there be rehabs in the future for persons addicted to technologies? will we get lost in a transparent cyberspace? I have so many questions but for now I just get on the express train to the future and see where this ride takes me. Hopefully I don't turn into some kind of zombie.

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