Sunday, November 25, 2012

Windows & Mirrors Chapters 4-6

In this day and age Technology Surrounds most if not all of our days. We are constantly on our computers whether it be at work or at home and we are constantly on our smart phones. This is certainly a digital age and the Internet and the computer are driving forces.
In Windows & Mirrors chapters 4-6 we learn that computers were originally built to remediate mechanical calculating machines and card tabulations to record the United States census. The computer did just that compute numbers. Who would have thought that it'll come such a long way? Today I can't imagine a life with out my computer or my IPhone which is basically a mini computer i carry around in my pocket.
*Remediation's is the making of new media forms out of older ones.
In chapter one we learn many websites exhibit the same layout. Users when visiting a website expect a certain layout. we the users have expectations that were created by previous experiences with other digital genres. The standard design for an information website is as follows; menu bar on the left and the information area on the right.
Normally when users visit a website they expect it to look similar to the picture above. People are comfortable with whats familiar. Just like when we read a book. we are used to reading from left to right, start to finished. Should a novel be written in a format we aren't use to readers might be discouraged from reading that particular book. we learn in these chapters that the web pages/Internet emulates other mediums like TV, Magazines news papers etc. Even ebooks resemble actual books.

Researchers at Xerox PARC were among the first to day that the computer could be a medium and boy were they right!. It was then used as a personal computer for Secretaries, business people writers and academics.
Since then the web has divided into countless different forms. "The web forms have found various niches, based on the needs and expectations of these audiences and on the various delivery forms." (Windows & mirrors).
The computer/the web/the Internet has become of consumers, users daily lives. The web is way more diverse the televisions radio etc. which is why it has become such a popular medium for consumers and businesses. Technology has become a big part of our lives many of us own laptops, Ipads, smart phones etc.

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