Sunday, December 2, 2012

Comm. & Cyberspace 1-4

What is  cyberspace? A nonphysical environment created by connected computers working together on a network. Reading chapters 1-4 of communications and cyberspace reminded my of a movie I saw years ago. I just couldn't figure out the name of the Cartoon movie. So, of course I logged on to my computer and type into the google search engine "Cartoon movie that has chubby humans who rely on technology for everything" WALLA! Wall-E popped up. I forgot all about That movie! Moving along, this movie is a perfect example of cyberspace integrating with real life. In the cartoon the humans sit in these power-rised floating chairs with buttons on the arms rest and a screen in front of their faces. In one point a man is right next to another man and they are communicating through that screen and they don't once look at each other. In chapter two the topic of control is discussed. I think users get so addictive to the cyberworld because they can control almost everything that's going on in this conceptual space. I think this is the point that was brought up in the movie Wall-E. Humans became so involved with digital reality that they started not to care about the real world. They let nature die and lived in a complete digital world, even changing the color of their clothes with just a click of a button.

This is a clip from the movie Wall-E. Watching makes you think is this where we are headed?

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  1. I find this video so funny yet eye awakening for us! It wouldn't be any surprise that the average american consumer would end up over weight and so caught up in our latest technology development. But the moment Wall-E or the robot character turns off the lady's screen she notices things that she hasn't before. I believe people are just so blind or overlook the realities of today for the materialistic things in life. Great video!