Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Communication & Cyberspace chapter 12,13,19,22 & Epil

The final chapters continue to talk about cyberspace.
using cyberspace in the classroom I think is a great idea but wouldn't it be slightly distracting? what will be the use of a multiple teachers when one teacher can teach many classes using cyberspace. I just think when it comes to learning people should teach other people? having the computer is a great extra but shouldn't replace the old fashion way of teaching. I think using other elements such as a computer enhances the students learning experience. currently I take an online class and although it is more convenient for me to do so i much rather has face to face contact with my professor and students. I feel like when I walk into an actual class room I'm more focused on the material that needs to be learned. In my online class i normally sit at my computer at home and can become distracted by so many other outside elements. I spend alot of cybertime as it is sometimes is nice to have a break and sit in a class room for a while with other people. from emails to ichat is nice to actually speak to my classmates and develop relationships with them. This understanding new media course certainly opened my eyes to alot to the previous unthought of cyberspace. I never really gave much thought to the time i spent there. I'd plug in time after time and it really has become second nature for me. Now I've learned the history of text, the Internet, cyberspace etc. My mind continues to imagine what the future of cyberspace might be. I guess only time will tell.

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