Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cybernetics, and system theory 7-9 & Epilogue

Better late then never :) here are my reviews of the Informations final chapters.

In these last few chapters read about mathematics and what caught my eye was in chapter 7 when the question is asked, "can machines think." Now machines do what we instruct them to do. When set them up or give a specific machine a task and that's what it does. But to think for itself? My toaster automatically toasting bread with out me telling it too by pushing the bread down? I don't know about that. can we teach machines? I mean my google search engine pre populates itself but that's because its trained to save my common searches. maybe it is like the mouse in the maze. You know teaching him which way to go through to reach its destination. but computers thinking like a person thinks? sounds like a creep syfy movie. I honestly think we already live in the age of the intelligent computer but I don't think we need to worry about a machine invasion just yet.

"There have been many variations of the Turing test proposed, some by Turing himself, and there are annual contests based on the Turing test. Thus far, no computer has passed the Turing test (by general consensus), although some have come close."http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/03/failing_the_turing_test045141.html

This reminds me of the movie Irobot with will smith. Where robots that sort of resemble humans assist them in every day life and one of the robots go "rogue" and actually is able to think for itself and does as it please with out needing instruction.

I found this cool video on how to survive a robot apocalypse
Please watch to educate yourself just in case some kind of robot uprising happens in the future.

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