Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New New Media Top 5

New New Media is becoming a pure addiction to so many. The young population can't seem to stay away from it, and now with smart phones allowing you to keep up with it every second of every given moment, it may be impossible to stop. I personally don't care much about social media, I don't use it as often as some do. I see people at work everyday on their phones texting and posting up twitter feeds every second, and I work at a restaurant that is constantly busy. It's rather frustrating, I think the main response from social media was to inspire laziness and procrastination. Employees today spend more time on their phones then actually doing their job. I can't even recall the number of times I have to order people to do their jobs today.
I've been working in the same restaurant for over 6 years and I've seen the progression of how social media has effected employees. Levinson seems to only be describing how well these social media pages are doing. He does not even realize that he's joined the crowd of people who have been lured into it all. He even describes that he's made pages for his fictional characters from his novels, is this the new way of having fun? Facebook hasn't just become a way to socialize, it's become a new way to create an identity. Sooner or later we might not even need a social security number, you might as well have a child, and be asked to create a Facebook page for your new born.
On the last episode of Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher's character wanted to create a fake identity so he made a Facebook page for him and he was done. I think social media is growing far to fast and smart phones are making it even worse. It seems that some people don't believe in privacy anymore, they want to inform the world about their everyday task, by the way those are the people I hate the most. Some of the new applications are rather interesting, like Four Square, which allows you to tell people where you are, but is I see no point in why people enjoy Twitter, it's like posting a text to all your friends.

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