Thursday, December 13, 2012

New New Media...Chapter 6-10

This was book was my favorite of all because it is current and relatable. It just seems that new new media has taken over. From Facebook to YouTube, it is much easier and faster to get connected and updated. But it can be overwhelming at times. Every day it’s a new form of social media that young adults are raving about. At the moment it is instagram. Do I really need to see pictures of what you are doing every day? YES! J

Social media has become so popular, it is now a form of business and people are making millions. Imagine just making money off the videos you make. This is what YouTube has become. My mother just recently created a Facebook page and even though it is for her real estate business, she is more active on it than I am. There may be different new media coming out every day but a select few has shown they are here to stay.

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