Tuesday, December 18, 2012

communication & cyberspace 5-7

Chapter 5 through 7 talks heavily about what virtual reality is, some concerns with virtual reality and the graphics that come into play with it.
Virtual reality is a computer simulated  environment that causes a three dimensional environment that you can interact psychically with.  This virtual world stimulates all the senses in your body making you feel you are experiencing what ever is going on in the virtual world. In my understanding new media course we discussed how army soldiers use the virtual world for training purposes to stimulate real life situations to better prepare them for battle. Personally, I think virtual reality sounds quite spectacular and we are certainly getting a taste of it with 3D movies and game consoles but it just makes me think of the movie total. The main character sits in a chair hooked up to all of these wires and he gets connected. The whole purpose for this is for him to be taken to an alternate state into a kind of virtual reality. The main character is experiencing a virtual out of body experiencing and begins to believe this created reality is real. In the future virtual reality may become this advance and that frightens me. what if people become so addicted to the virtual reality that they don't want to come back down to reality. This also reminds me of the movie "repo men" In the end of this movie the main character becomes unconscious and he is put in some kind of virtual reality. He woke up on a beach but in reality he was paralyzed laying on a metal bed hooked up so some sort of device.

This is a video of some soilders using virtual reality for training.

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