Wednesday, December 19, 2012

communication & cyberspace chapter 8-11

we read a lot about hypertext and cyberspace in chapters 8-11.
cyberspace unlike a virtual reality is just a virtual space that the Internet provides. Virtual is a 3d experience that involves your psychically sense and cyber space can be 3D but no actual senses are being physically stimulated. When you log onto the web and start surfing you have technically entered "cyberspace". "Internet communication" Anytime i get really into the social media sites i have i call it getting lost in cyberspace. I'm totally zoned out and al ot of people experience this when they play games that in love avatars. World of war craft is a good example. In this computer game players are allowed to create a character and roam around a virtual world with their character and preform different task. I had some friends who were hook of this world of war craft game. For them powering up (what ever that means) was a big deal and very important, this took this cyberspace very seriously. 
I find myself repeating what I say because as i read these books I cant help but think of the same things. The Internet truly shaped the society we live in today and it will continue to change. Today hypertext is used for everything. People don't even need to keep a journal because they can use hypertext to write notes and the same goes for school work. no one writes without hypertext anymore, it completely put the type writer out of business. hypertext allows us to use links to take people from one place to another. we can use HTML and all type of codes to manipulate how the text looks as well. I use to do a lot of this with my myspace profile. I write a word you click it and thus you are transported to another text and so on and so forth. Never really thought if it before this class.

Here is a video on how text is evolving. 

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