Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New New Media Top 10

New New Media is taking over and it's becoming the future of entertainment. Youtube is the number one website visited to find hilarious videos made by random people or shows. Youtube can now be accepted as a reference to some professors for papers. It's easy access and easy publishing, allows anyone to join in on the action. I personally like the general idea of youtube, simply because it allows the world to be creative and show their work publicly. The main reason I worry about this free webpage, is that maybe one day it won't be. Youtube links you to the world visually. It has footage from all over the world, and just the other day I saw a Brazilian television show skit that scared people. This is another webpage much like Facebook that plans on consuming the viewers.
Levinson describes how Youtube, can easily put companies like itunes out of business. It makes perfect sense, I used to use itunes to hear samples of music before getting the song, but Youtube has the entire song plus some made up video by a fan. It also took down MTV and Fuse channel ratings because it has all the music videos stored into it. MTV began to focus on reality shows instead of music, which is why I used to watch it in the first place. Since they began their reality phase MTV has been dead to me. Fuse began interviewing stars almost every time, and they probably still do, but I found it quite boring a few years back so I stopped watching that also.
Levinson also makes a great point about copyrighting, because its difficult to know what's allowed. I haven't posted any of my films on Youtube yet simply because I think they'll be taken down. I personally haven't done much research on my behalf but I hear about it all the time. My job at FDU is to post many videos on youtube about their sports, but I wasn't allowed to use copyrighted music, just because they think it may be taken down. How do people post their fake videos with song lyrics or movie clips then without being banned? It's the same thing, it's not like the web can determine whether your going to sell your product or not.
Levinson talks about the dark age of the internet referring to multi-media, and the main reason it's so dark is because it's unpredictable. Craig's list is a hit or miss, you may never know what your getting especially when it comes to tickets. The internet isn't safe for anyone. It's choices made at your own risk. Their's no way to protect anything you have on the internet and theirs no way to make sure anything you do on the internet is 100% safe. As technology advances, more and more scammers and hackers are born. My biggest fear is making money entirely electronic, imagine if someone just stole your account and cleaned out your wallet. The internet isn't a place to be trusted.

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