Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Communication & Cyberspace chapter 8-11

I'm the sure that people in the early 90's knew what a power force the Internet would become. Back then there were only about 20 million Internet users world wide. Today there are billions on Internet users through our the world. (and their all on facebook) Joking. But really the Internet has become every ones main source of information. People can do any and everything on the Internet from paying bills, shopping and even socializing with friends or even strangers. commercial business has even took to the Internet to reach consumers. With the constant growth of technology comes the constant change in technology. It's a different world that we are living in and many have already become accustom to our new digital age. The Internet is a wonderful thing but its use i must admit is becoming abused. To many people are devoting to much time on the net. Their are also dangers online as well. Even though there are regulation on the Internet somethings do slip. People can say and do almost anything they want. For example Dr. Lance Strate, my professor at FDU stated that someone added his name unbeknownst to him on a project he had nothing to do with. and just recently a man was sentence to ten years in prison for hacking into emails and stealing personal pictures and information. http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/17/showbiz/hackerazzi-sentenced/index.html

Christopher Chaney hacked through the security question portion to gain access to the email accounts. I can't imagine someone breaking into my personal information but with the Internet one must be so careful because things like this do happen and its scray. Now that the Internet plays such a big role in every ones lives i think educational programs should be implemented so that people know how to fully protect themselves from things like this happen or a program for people who don't know how to cope with the ugly side of the Internet. The trolling, bullying etc. These things are might unfortunately always be around on the Internet but we should teach people how to avoid these things if its even possibly to do so?

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