Monday, December 3, 2012

Why New.. New Media?

It looks like Professor Strate saved the best for last. New New Media by Paul Levinson is proving to be a great book. Not only is the content easy to read but it's also very applicable to my life. First, we're introduced to the concept of new new media. Why is it different from new media and/or social media? One of the most important reasons why (as noted in the text) is, "Every Consumer Is A Producer: This is the central, underlying characteristic shared by all new new media. Anyone reading a blog can start a blog nearly instantly." (p.3).

The following chapters are broken down into websites and social media mediums (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) that I'm sure we all know very well. While, I no longer have an active Facebook or Twitter, their ability to blend real life, cyber space, and friends near and far definitely kept me interested at one point. This might sound a bit childish, but I use to love to watch awards and popular reality shows while on twitter. It was kind of amazing to discover that so many people were feeling the exact same things I was feeling. The laughs are also a plus, the internet gives a lot of people confidence to say things they wouldn't say publicly! LOL

I also remember when Beyonce debuted her infamous baby bump at the awards, there were a record 9,000 tweets per minute. That's crazy!!

YouTube is also one of my favorites. It's effectiveness in providing quality video within seconds is pretty awesome! I also love using videos in our blog posts because I think they're much more entertaining than my words.

YouTube is also helping regular people like you and me support themselves from their homes! One of my favorite hair bloggers is Naptural 85. She has documented her natural hair journey for almost three years and because of her popularity YouTube gave her her own channel. She still documents her hair tips, etc but she also documents her life on another channel. I feel like I know her.

 Ladies, if you're interested take a look at her page.

Our reading ends off with Wikipedia, and WHO DOESNT LOVE WIKIPEDIA? Greatest thing ever created!


  1. I love the image you used! I think its so appropriate and related to the material. Social media networks are like a addiction and people are constantly logged on. New New media may be overrated such as that 9,000 tweets per minute in regards to Beyonce's baby bump. It's amazing how many people around the world may share the same feeling and thoughts as you. The internet connects us all on several levels. I can only imagine what it can and will do for us in the years to come!

  2. Yes, your right! It's crazy when I was reading the book, I was thinking this text doesn't even highlight Instagram. Which has grown to like 300 million users in such a short time. You never know what's going to happen next with new new media!