Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What’s New New? (Chp 1-5)

Levinson had to write another edition because media is constantly evolving.  If we take a look at today’s platforms of media we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Socialcam, and many more. These are all computer-based and Smartphone based communication forms. The mentioned multitudes of examples are how widespread adoption of new forms will affect institutions and attitudes. In order to understand what is happening on the web today you must understand the way differing media have influenced information over time. The internet has dramatically altered our notions of retrieving information. Previously as my peer mentioned libraries are now empty because people can access the same information via online. Today’s generation is considered the “Millennial Generation” that inhibits the world depicted in New New Media

We all fall under the Millennial Generation! We are the largest American generation ever!

WE  live in a world of texting, tweeting, blogging, facebooking and a array of media outlets. These forms of media are taken for granted and become the tool used for interactions with our peers and the outside world. But it’s so true! I can’t go an hour without checking my social networks! Once I see I have a notification I get anxiety until I open it. If I don’t check my social accounts I feel so out of the loop. For example, when I went camping over the summer my phone didn't have service for three days…do you know what that was like? COMPLETE TORTURE! The moment my phone had service, 100+ emails came through and many notifications for my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. I felt so disconnected from the world and from my peers. Something as simple as not having service for three days, I felt so incomplete because of how deeply involved I am with my social media networks. The dependency on technology is ridiculous that its frightening. Will our current media environment be current in two years from now? Who knows what the New New New media will be then. 

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