Thursday, December 6, 2012

Judith's Emails...

Computers and new technology have obviously made communication fairly easier. Emails have developed a form of communication remediating regular mail, but making it 10X faster. Though you can't mail physical objects just yet, which can be the next step to advancing in this organization, email allows multiple messages to be sent in the matter of seconds. Judith describes email under the category of cybercommunications, also including discussion groups, conferencing, and live "chats." I think she would also consider these blogs a new form of cybercommunication. 

This chapter also mentions how Marshall Mcluhan stated, "Medium is the message," believing that language changes when communication media shifts (Strate, 308). This all began with the invention of graphical symbols also known as paralinguistic signs, such as happy faces and typographical graphical glyphs (Strate, 309). Almost no one writes an email in a proper letter format in today's world. They modify it to their own liking. Users can express emotions through graphics rather then just only text through emails. It's also possible to attach files to your email once again remediating regular mail. Now with today's technology we can email larger files containing several gigabytes. Sites like allows you to sign up for free and send a file at least 2GB in size. Richard Lanham wrote, "The memory of digital signs will be longer than that of written signs. Perhaps even as long as the life of signs on clay tablets!" (Strate, 312) This also relates to graphical signs developed by artists used in advertisements, such as car logos. 

Emails have many great features but some have flaws, such as spam. It's far to easy to send someone an email, so sometimes junk mail is produced and companies find your email and continuously send out fake scam messages. Emails are also very easy to ignore, and as spam blockers continue to improve perhaps one day we will be spam free... Or at least we can dream to be. Though spam has existed for several years now, the next spam attack is coming to our phones. Spam text messages seems to be the new virus making people change there numbers world wide and giving us all a new reason to be more careful with technology. Here's a video mentioning Political Spam text messages: 

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