Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Communication & Cyberspace Chapter 8-11

It was interesting to get a brief history on the rise of the internet. I am sure back then no one would have thought or maybe they did think that it would grow to such a powerful thing. The internet creates ways to communicate with others across the global just instantly. Trying to find out the best information on anything? It is as easy as looking for it on the internet. In less than 2 minutes, you will find all that you need plus more.

Of course with anything new, some will love it and others will hate. The internet has been proven to destroy businesses.  Although there may be people who refuse to adapt to the wonders of the internet, it will continue to grow.

The internet can seem endless at times and so censoring things can become difficult. Despite privacy setting, people still get personal information stolen from them. Despite parental locks, inappropriate ads will still show up. The internet has to be taken with the good and bad.

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