Monday, December 3, 2012

New New Media-Levinson

I have to agree with some of the other post masters on this blog about NEW NEW MEDIA, Levinson's book that we've begun to crack into....It's current, up to date with our daily world, significantly easier to read then some of our past texts and covers applicable topic matters with current references to news and media related events that have just happened, IE:  the use of social media by Anthony Weiner and the uses of Facebook to topple governments....I was especially impressed with how Professor Strate was mentioned in the text for some of his specialties at Fordham....Good job Professor Strate!  This book will be relevant much more so in our readings than some of the past texts.  It is addressing issues that we're all coming face to face with in our use of social media devices and programs.  I was especially interested in how Levinson covers YOUTUBE and the ways in which intellectual property with videos and music we upload to this program are protected.  YOUTUBE has developed a most savvy reputation of protecting and banning certain types of videos that are uploaded.  They seem to have their own legal team connected to the service that goes through every video with a fine tooth comb.  Good and bad points are brought out about this in ways that both protect and limit what can be included and banned from the internet.  YOUTUBE is explored quite extensively throughout the chapters along with Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogs and Facebook.  What is important about NEW NEW MEDIA is that it not only explores the functionality of each of these online services but delves into some of their philosophies and mandated responsibilities.  The examples that are used we can all relate to ...They're current....As we progress through this text, I'm also reminded of how Levinson considers much of these new programs on the internet an extension of man's senses coinciding with Marshall McLuhan's philosophies.  It's easier to understand the larger picture with these services when you understand McLuhan's analysis.  More and more of these programs will evolve like a new and robust extension of our human psyche helping us better cope and tool our way through day to day problems allowing us to use new new media to solve complex problems and answer sociological issues that we face everyday.  Good reading....Good content.



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